City GripIce and snow traction overshoes

Ice and snow traction overshoes

  • Studs non aggressive and resistant.
  • Exceptional grip on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Easy and practical storage.
  • The stretch fit structure allows you to cover all shoe sizes with only 3 sizes !

City grip is designed to provide maximum safety when you walk outside in winter.

Application :

Daily use in winter.



For a proper use of the overshoes, it is important to ensure that the overshoes fits neatly over the user’s footwear.

Choose your size for classic footwear and on size more for larger footwear.


CE certified – Risk II PPE

Certified product complying below standards:

Testing method of the FIOH _ TY 043 work instruction

  • Slip resistance on ice
  • Corrosion resistance of the metal parts
  • Breaking resistance up to -20°c



  • Slip resistance on ice

City Grip is an overshoe which has 5 spikes. It will alow you to walk safely while traveling or working in winter.

  • Specially designed for everyday use, City Grip is very compact.
  • Its individual packaging allows you to store it very easily in a handbag or glove box so you always have it at your disposal.
  • Its preformed and stretch structure makes it easy to equip in a few seconds !
  • Spikes : Very resistant to corrosion as they are molded directly into the overshoe. They allow the best grip on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Maximum safety : The spikes are molded directly into the overshoe, there is no risk of losing them !
  • Maximum comfort : the product is really light and fits perfectly over the shoe. It can be adapted to all kind of shoes, even high heels !
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