Easy grip antislip overshoes

Easy grip blackSlip resistant overshoes

Slip resistant overshoes to prevent trips and falls on greasy and / or wet surfaces

  • EXCEPTIONAL GRIP on slippery floors
  • The stretch fit structure allows you to cover all shoe sizes with only 4 sizes !
  • Color coded sizes !
  • No marks on the floor, no marking formula
  • Fits all kind of flat shoes
  • AUTOCLAVE washable

Easy Grip black, the essential equipment to completely prevent slipping accidents.


 Application :

Fast foods, Food industries, Catering…



For a proper use of the overshoes, it is important to ensure that the overshoes fits neatly over the user’s footwear.

Choose your size for classic footwear and on size more for larger footwear.



CE certified – Risk II PPE

EN ISO 20347 – Safety footwear without toe cap


Certified product complying below standards :

  • Slip resistance test method ( EN ISO 13287 )
  • Fuel oil resistance (FO)
  • Breaking extension & abrasion resistance

AMERICAN Standards:

  • ASTM F2913 – Slip resistance test method

The Easy Grip slip resistant footwear makes it easy to move on wet and / or oily surfaces :

    • Exceptional grip on slippery floors.
    • Safe moving on the workplace.
    • Perfect for all kind of floors and most kind of footwear.
    • A comfortable and hygienic solution: users keep their own footwear.
    • Ease of use and maintenance: easy to put on and remove.
    • Washable in machine, autoclave or by hand.
    • Non-slip sole liquid repelent and avoid clogging.
    • Stretch fit structure who allows to cover all shoes sizes by only 4 overshoes sizes.
    • Its formula meets the pending standards of resistance to oil, tearing and abrasion.
    • Leaves absolutely no marks on the floor.
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