Master grip ice and snow overshoes

Master GripIce and snow overshoes

ICE, SNOW and All ROAD Overshoes

  • Interchangeable studs for the best grip on different outdoor surfaces
  • 3 SIZES only for all shoe sizes
  • Fits all Kind of shoes
Crampon Ice Acier sur-chaussure Master Grip Crampon Ice Tungstene sur-chaussure Master Grip Crampons all road acier sur-chaussure Master Grip Crampon All road tunsgtene sur-chaussure Master Grip Crampons outdoor plastiques golf sur-chaussure Master Grip
  Ice Grip Steel  Ice Grip Tungsten  All Road Steel  All Road Tungsten  Golf

USE: unstable surfaces like icy and snowy surfaces, mountain work, forestry, road maintenance…

For a proper use of the overshoes, it is important to ensure that the overshoes fits neatly over the user’s footwear.

Master Grip OK size

Choose your size for classic footwear and on size more for larger footwear.



  • Slip resistance on ice


CE certified – Risk II PPE

Certified product complying below standards :

Testing method of the FIOH _ TY 043 work instruction

  • Slip resistance on ice
  • Corrosion resistance of the metal parts
  • Breaking resistance up to -20°c

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